Our team provides ALL the services you will need for top employment opportunities!
WITH OVER A DECADE of international recruiting experience, our professional team is in touch with today’s healthcare staffing needs. We assist each candidate in a shared mission to obtain employment in the best facilities. We believe in your abilities and ambitions. Velocity matches this drive by providing everything else you need to be a successful employee!



For nurses educated in the US that are seeking employment and visa sponsorship.
If you are a foreign national, and have graduated, or intend to graduate from a US clinical institution, Velocity Healthcare also provides visa sponsorship and employment opportunities for you.
We offer visa sponsorship and employment opportunities for International graduates of US institutions that are on or close to obtaining Optional Practical Training (OPT) status. In addition to these services, we also offer you some of the same services we offer our international candidates (see to the right).
Velocity Healthcare wants to attract and retain a motivated staff. To this end, we offer the following benefits:
  • Extremely competitive salaries
  • Comprehensive medical benefits
  • Low employee contributions for staff and family
  • Life insurance and disability benefits
  • Paid time off, Vacation, and Sick days
  • Flexible work schedules
  • New Hire Support Program
  • Clinical Advancement Programs
  • Flexible Employment Contracts
  • Great hospital clients

Our service come at no cost to you!

For more information, please email info@velocityhealthcare.com



US Healthcare Green Cards for Foreign Professionals...

As a trained healthcare professional, you dream of coming to America. We can bring that dream to life by giving you a healthcare position in the U.S.! Velocity Healthcare is helping to meet the staffing needs of hospitals across the nation by bringing nurses -- like you --and other healthcare professionals to the U.S. If you have a heart for helping people, and the desire to come to the U.S., we have a position for you.

We have the information and experience to make your immigration process as simple as possible. Once you arrive, Velocity Healthcare has everything you need to start your new life in the United States of America.

We will sponsor your visa! Then, once you arrive to the US, we will prepare you for a lucrative career in the healthcare profession. Once you are placed at one of our healthcare client facilities, we provide housing assistance, and a case manager that is always available to assist with anything you may need.

Our International RN services include:

- Visa Sponsorship, Immigration, and Legal
- Full Time Employment
- Family Sponsorship
- Job Search and Placement
- Temporary Housing
- Travel and Relocation Expenses
- NCLEX and Other Exam Fee Reimbursement
- US Training and Orientation
- Healthcare Coverage
- American Living Transition Case Management

Our service come at no cost to you!

For more information, please email info@velocityhealthcare.com

OPT Status only lasts for one year. Don't be out of status!

Velocity Healthcare offers full-time employment to International RNs. If you are in the process of becoming an RN, have recently graduated, or are currently in OPT status, Velocity Healthcare can sponsor your green card and provide you with many employment opportunities across the country. Learn more >>

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